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The Network

The Forum was founded in the belief that there is much more going on than meets most eyes involving the application of science and technology to sustainability issues. In this spirit, the Network is an effort to help build a community linking disparate scholars, managers, and decision makers, and to promote the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and goals among a community working on science and technology for sustainability. We urge individuals interested in these issues to join the Network as a means of telling others about your work and interests, and learning from others about related activities in the conduct or application of science and technology in support of the joint goals of a sustainability transition: meeting human needs while preserving the life support systems of planet Earth

The Network is comprised of two interrelated areas, Members and Projects, accessible on the left-hand menu. Projects represent ongoing activities attempting to learn about or address science and technology for sustainability. Projects are submitted by Members, who are selected by the Editors. Anyone can browse the listings of the Network Members and Projects, and if you'd like to become a Member of the Network you may submit your application online.

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