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The Forum on Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development is an attempt to outline the burgeoning field. Rather than looking broadly at sustainability, the Forum focuses on the way in which science and innovation can be conducted and applied to meet human needs while preserving the life support systems of the planet. It highlights people and programs that are studying nature-society interactions and applying the resulting knowledge to create a sustainability transition around the world.

Learn more about Science and Technology for Sustainability
  • Download the key documents that provide an in-depth look at the principles underlying the field.
  • Peruse the edited directory of individuals and institutions that are actively engaged in the field, and browse through the projects in which they are involved.
  • Use the Framework to find content focused on specific sectors, regions, sustainability challenges, or core scientific questions

The Forum will continue to evolve along with the field, and we invite your participation in that process. Contributions and suggestions for posting to the Forum are always welcome, and individuals who are working in the field are invited to join the Network.

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