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New Resources
Putting People on the Map An Approach to Integrating Social Data in Conservation Planning
2009 Sheri L. Stephenson and Michael B. Mascia

Energy Efficiency 2009 Summer Issue of The Bridge
The National Academy of Engineering

Getting it Together Interdisciplinarity and Sustainability in the Higher Education Institution
2009 Center for Sustainable Futures

Special Issue on The Roles of Academia in Regional Sustainability Initiatives
2009 Edited by Gyula Zilahy, Matti Melanen, Victor D. Phillips, John Sheffy and Jouni Korhonen

Key Overview Documents (Click to view list)
These documents, selected by the Editors, provide a great overview of the current state of science and technology for sustainable development

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These are the editors’ picks of some of the newest work coming out of the S&T for sustainability community.

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Key Journals (Click to view list)
Journals that frequently cover S&T for sustainability

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