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Network Project

University of Cincinnati Superfund Basic Research Program
University of Cincinnati, United States

Submitted By:
   Elizabeth Kopras

Contact Person: Elizabeth Kopras
Contact Email:

Country: United States

Project Description: The goal of the SBRP is to set up multidisciplinary programs at academic institutes to address the various health and environmental issues that arise from the complex nature of hazardous waste sites.

Superfund's overarching goal is to clean up sites that were contaminated by industry, and restore these sites to appropriate uses. An aside of the Superfund is the Basic Research Program, which tries to understand just how toxic contaminants are, how we can avoid negative impacts on health due to contamination, and how we can remediate sites. There are currently 19 University-based SBRPs. The University of Cincinnati SBRP focuses on health and bioremediation of complex mixtures, especially PAHs and arsenic (although other metals are also studied).

Project Website:
This Network Project is classified within these Core Themes:
Guidance (institutions and incentives)
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management
Indicators and monitoring
Driving forces relevant to a sustainability transition
Impacts and response
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