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EcoSummit 2007
Ecological Complexity and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities for 21st-Century's Ecology
22 May 2007 - 27 May 2007
Beijing, China


Eco Summit 2007 is sponsored by the following confirmed sponsors:

British Ecological Society, Commonwealth Human Ecology Council, China Association for Science and Technology, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Ecological Economics Scociety, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, China Society of Natural Resources, Chinese Society for Sustainable Development, Chinese Society for Urban Studies, East Asian Federation of Ecological Societies, Ecological Society of America, Ecological Society of China, Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and SwitzerlandEEF - European Ecological Federation, The Geographical Society of China, Global Water Partnership, International Association for Landscape Ecology, International Ecological Engineering Society, The International Association for Ecology, International Society of City and Regional Planners, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Science, The Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment under International Council for Science, Society for Human Ecology, Sino-Eco - Sino-Ecologists Association Overseas

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The world is experiencing rapid urbanization, industrialization and globalization. The pace, depth, and magnitude of these changes, have exerted severe ecological stresses on humankind living conditions and life support ecosystems across all scales - from local to regional, and global scales. Water shortages, desertification, soil degradation, greenhouse gas emissions, elevated sediment and nutrient fluxes to the coastal seas and other environmental problems are increasingly becoming the common side effects of those human activities. Sustainability can only be assured with an ecological understanding of the complex interactions between environmental, economic, political, and social/cultural factors and with careful planning and management grounded in ecological principles. Ecological complexity and sustainability are becoming a core concept and instrument for improving our common future.

This Eco Summit will focus on integrative aspects of all ecological science and its application under the general theme of "Ecological Complexity and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities for 21st-Century's Ecology". The aim of this Eco Summit is to encourage a greater integration of both the natural and social sciences with the policy and decision-making community to develop a better understanding of the complex nature of ecological systems. This understanding will provide the basis for sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

We expect this meeting to attract the broadest representations of ecological organizations, ecologists and practitioners on ecological sustainability issues from all over the world. We intend to show the unification and determination of our ecological community as a whole to maximize our commitment to use ecological knowledge and understanding to meet the challenges raised from the Earth Summit (1992), the World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002), and the United Nations 2005 Millennium Review Summit.

Our scientific program will feature: plenary sessions, symposia, contributed oral and poster sessions, and special evening sessions. A variety of scientific field trips will also be planned.

We will have 14 world known plenary speakers and more than 10 Elsevier ecology journals plan to publish special issues from this conference. The language of the conference is English.

Deadline: 31 January 2007
Deadline for submission of special evening proposals

Other Deadline(s): 15 January 2007 Deadline for oral and poster presentation abstracts

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