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Forum content is organized and cross-referenced within a Framework comprised of Critical Sectors, Development Goals, Geographic Region, Geographic Scale, and Research Themes.

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Framework - Research Themes
Research Themes is based on the Core Questions and is comprised of three sub-categories:

Sustainability Processes and Causation including driving forces relevant to a sustainability transition; impacts and responses; and guidance (institutions and incentives)

Methods and Models including connecting the ecological, economic, and social; integrative methods for place-based analysis; and complex adaptive systems

Observations. including indicators and monitoring; case comparison; and using large data sets

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Using Culturally Sustainable Development as Spring Board to Promote All Aspects of Sustainable Development, University of Helsinki, Finland

Governance, Environment and Development in the Niger Delta, Nigeria, Lancaster University, United Kingdom, and University of Uyo, Nigeria

Development of African Scientific Network (ASN): A model to enhance scientific research in developing countries, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, United States

Testing the Ability of Subsistence Farmers to Use Seasonal Climate Forecasts: A Participatory Approach in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management in the Andes, University of Georgia, United States, and Universities/NGOs, Ecuador

Sustainability Geoscope, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

DINAS-COAST (Dynamic and Interactive Assessment of National, Regional and Global Vulnerability of Coastal Zones to Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise), Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany

Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands

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E-an Zen, Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland; Scientist Emeritus, University of Maryland, United States
Ping Xiao, Professor, Liaoning Normal University, China
Mary Allan, Dr, University of Canterbury
Isabelle Sánchez Rose, Professional Ascribed to Research, Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC), Venezuela
William E. Doolittle, Erich W. Zimmermann Regents Professor in Geography, University of Texas, United States
Paulo Partidário, Research Unit Head, Department of Materials and Production Technologies, National Institute of Engineering and Industrial Technology (INETI), Portugal
Jaime Ewalt, PhD Candidate, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Jurgen Schmandt, Director, Houston Advanced Research Center, United States
Matthias Barth, Dr., Leuphana University of Lüneburg
Sirpa Kurppa, Biotechnology and Food research

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Core Questions of Science and Technology for Sustainability ( B. Bolin, W. Clark, R. Corell, N. Dickson, S. Faucheux, G. Gallopín, A. Gruebler, M. Hall, B. Huntley, J. Jäger, C. Jaeger, N. Jodha, R. Kasperson, R. Kates, I. Lowe, A. Mabogunje, P. Matson, J. McCarthy, H. Mooney, B. Moore, T. O'Riordan, J. Schellnhuber, U. Svedin. , 2000)
Grand Challenges in Sustainability Science Symposium Presentations ( Organized by Pamela Matson,  Robert Kates , and Vaughan Turekian; Moderated by William Clark; Presenters:  Pam Matson, Robert Kates, John Schellnhuber, Ed Miles, Bill Turner, Elinor Ostrom, and John Holdren , 2007)
Energy Efficiency 2009 Summer Issue of The Bridge (The National Academy of Engineering, 2009)
Complexity of Coupled Human and Natural Systems (Jianguo Liu, Thomas Dietz, Stephen R. Carpenter, Marina Alberti, Carl Folke, Emilio Moran, Alice N. Pell, Peter Deadman, Timothy Kratz, Jane Lubchenco, Elinor Ostrom, Zhiyun Ouyang, William Provencher, Charles L. Redman, Stephen H. Schneider, and William W. Taylor , 2007)
A Global Map of Human Impact on Marine Ecosystems (Benjamin S. Halpern, Shaun Walbridge, Kimberly A. Selkoe, Carrie V. Kappel, Fiorenza Micheli, Caterina D'Agrosa, John F. Bruno, Kenneth S. Casey, Colin Ebert, Helen E. Fox, Rod Fujita, Dennis Heinemann, Hunter S. Lenihan, Elizabeth M. P. Madin, Matthew T. Perry, Elizabeth R. Selig, Mark Spalding, Robert Steneck, and Reg Watson , 2008)
Land Change Science Special Feature: The emergence of land change science for global environmental change and sustainability (B. L. Turner II, Eric F. Lambin,  and Anette Reenberg , 2007)
Insights on linking forests, trees, and people from the air, on the ground, and in the laboratory (Elinor Ostrom and Harini Nagendra, 2006)
Essay: Models and Conceptualizations of Sustainability (Gilberto Gallopin, 2002)
New Architecture, Old Agendas: Perspectives on Social Research in Rural Communities Neighbouring the Kruger National Park (Barbara Tapela, Lamson Makuleke and Clapperton Mavhunga , 2007)
Increasing Capacity for Stewardship of Oceans and Coasts A Priority for the 21st Century ( National Research Council, Ocean Studies BoardMary (Missy) H. Feeley and Silvio C. Pantoja, Committee Co-Chairs , 2008)

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Resilience Alliance
International Research Institute for Climate Prediction (IRI)
Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships - Univerisity of Minnesota
Science and Technology for Sustainability Program
International Network of Research on Coupled Human and Natural Systems CHANS Net
Sustainability Research Institute at the University of Leeds
Marine Conservation Institute


Ecosystem Restoration with Agroforestry and Community Forests in Thailand

Biological Monitoring in Zimbabwe

Pacific ENSO Applications Center (PEAC)

Dryland Farming in Jamaica

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, Copepods, and Biological Control of Mosquitoes in Vietnam


Integrated Assessments, Long-Term Trends, and Science-Policy Interfaces (Mohd Nordin Hasan, 2002)
Sustainability, Scale, and Critical Connections (Lisa Harrington , 2002)


ETH PhD-Academy on Sustainability and Technology (Zurich, Switzerland)
IFRI Training Program (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Human Environment Regional Observatory Program (Worcester, Massachusetts, USA)
Third ALTER-Net Summer School (Peyresq, France)
Marine Ecosystem Sustainability in the Arctic and Subarctic (Fairbanks, Alaska, USA)
MSc in Industrial Ecology (Netherlands)



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